Current Papers MidTerm Fall 2019
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Paper 1:

Today cs403 paper 8:30a.m
What are three benefits of data module system
Why three level architecture is the permanent structure of any data base

Scenario given tha jis me se simple ,multi valued aur derived attribute btany thy.

Given sets ki Cartesian product nikalni the sath relations btany thy(any two relations)

Ek air scenerio dia hua tha us me foreign key discuss krni the air sath cardinality .
Mcqs saryy conceptual thy handouts me se ay thy sary
Mostly paper was from lecture 1-16 .

Paper 2:

1.write 3 types of attribute.
2.two relations were given we have to tell its normal form. the relationship of given entities
National assembly candidate
Provincial assembly candidate
4.first normal form was given and we have to convert it into 2nd normal form and to underline the primary key.

Total 23 question
2 question =3 marks
3 questions=5 marks

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