Vu Current Papers fall 2019 2020

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Paper 1:

50 questions
40 mcqs 80% from past papers
1. In truncated file service which register read service and file attributes
2.SACS instruction works?
3.which interrupt is called scheduler.which main purpose of that.

4.which interrupt interrupt and control back to dos.write name of interrupt and service number.
5.serial port intiziltaion service number and also write attributes of it with service number those initialize them.
6.physical address btna tha movment instruction de v thi un ka btna tha k kon sy processor me use hoti hain.
8.code dia hua tha btna tha k instruction kya kam kr rhi us me.
9.code likhna tha apna name on top of screen show krny ka.
10.code likhna tha aik array ka jis me 128 elements ho har element 4 byte ka ho or har element ki value 0 ho.
Overall paper bhut easy tha..

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